About SEIC

    The South End Improvement Corporation was formed in 1978 through the efforts of community activist, Elfrieda Textores, her neighbors and members of the South End Concerned Citizens, to:
    1. Access federal funds for housing rehabilitation and
      • public improvements available through the Community Development Block Grant Program,
    2. Focus the City of Albany’s attention on the needs of the South End,
    3. And give the people of the South End a voice and a place at the table in decision making affecting their neighborhood.

SEIC’s formation arose from a collaboration with other community groups such as United Tenants of Albany and the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations.

In its many years of operation, the South End Improvement Corporation has been able to leverage small donations and grants to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of the South End through its various grant programs and activities. SEIC continues to be a grassroots not-for-profit advocacy group dedicated to housing and socioeconomic equity.

The mission of the South End Improvement Corporation is to improve housing conditions and the quality of life in the South End of the City of Albany, thereby preserving the residential character of its unique neighborhoods and encouraging city living.

SEIC carries out its mission by administering housing rehabilitation assistance programs primarily in the South End, engaging in neighborhood and citywide planning efforts, and partnering with housing and other organizations to meet the peoples needs.

It is a go-to organization with many grant programs that offer assistance to those most in need, such as the elderly, disabled, and low income homeowners and tenants of its community. As a result of its work, people are able to stay in their homes, live more comfortably, save money through energy improvements, and add value to their properties. These programs therefore contribute to the stabilization of the surrounding neighborhood, and ultimately its revitalization.

    The South End is bounded by:
    • On the East by the Hudson River and the Port of Albany
    • On the North by Madison Avenue
    • On the West by Delaware Avenue, then Mc Alpine St. to Southern Blvd.
    • On the South by the City Line (Norman Kill) to the Hudson River
A map can be viewed here


View of the Empire State Plaza as seen from Morton Avenue in the South End of Albany, overlooking Lincoln Park.